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What is 1 best Medical traditional Chinese medicine barrel ?

When choosing a manufacturer of Medicaltraditional Chinese medicine barrels, the following issues should be noted

 Chinese medicine barrel

Experience and Expertise:

Choose a Medical traditional Chinese medicine barrel manufacturer with extensive experience and expertise. They should understand the needs of the medical industry and be familiar with the properties of different materials and the manufacturing standards of medical devices.

◆Technical capability:

Make sure that the Medical traditional Chinese medicine barrel manufacturer has advanced manufacturing technology and equipment to customize the size, dimension, thickness and material of the medical Chinese medicine barrel. They should be able to meet your custom requirements.

◆Quality Control:

Learn about the medical traditional Chinese medicine barrel manufacturer’s quality control processes and standards. They should be able to guarantee that the products produced meet hygiene, quality and safety standards.

Material Selection:

Make sure the Medical traditional Chinese medicine barrel manufacturer can advise on proper material selection based on your requirements. Different medicinal herbs may require different types of materials to maintain their quality.

Samples and References:

Medical traditional Chinese medicine barrel manufacturers are asked to provide samples or references from previous similar projects. This can help you assess their craftsmanship and product quality.

Customer Testimonials and Word of Mouth:

Find customer testimonials and word of mouth for a Medical traditional Chinese medicine barrel manufacturer on the Internet. This will help you understand the experiences and opinions of other customers.

 Chinese medicine barrel

Customization ability:

Make sure that the Medical traditional Chinese medicine barrel manufacturer has sufficient customization ability to produce medical Chinese medicine barrels according to your requirements.

Communication and cooperation:

Choose a Medical traditional Chinese medicine barrel manufacturer who communicates well with you, is willing to cooperate, and understands your needs.

Price and delivery time:

Consider the Medical traditional Chinese medicine barrel manufacturer’s price and delivery time. While quality is the primary consideration, cost and lead time are also important considerations.

Regulations and Compliance:

Ensure Medical traditional Chinese medicine barrel manufacturers are aware of and comply with applicable regulations and compliance requirements, especially in the field of medical devices.

When choosing a Medical traditional Chinese medicine barrel , consider the following aspects

Characteristics of medicinal materials:

Different medicinal materials have different characteristics, such as humidity sensitivity, easy oxidation, volatility, etc. Choose the appropriate material and sealing performance according to the characteristics of the medicinal materials to maintain the quality of the medicinal materials.

Sealing performance:

For moisture-sensitive medicinal materials, the sealing performance of the barrel is very important. Choose a barrel with good airtightness to prevent moisture intrusion and affect the quality of medicinal materials.

Material Selection:

Stainless steel may be a good choice due to its corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and sealing properties. Select the appropriate stainless steel material according to the characteristics of the medicinal materials.


Some herbs are prone to oxidation, which may reduce their potency. Make sure that the design and material of the barrel can effectively prevent the entry of oxygen and reduce the risk of oxidation.

Insect-proof and moisture-proof:

For medicinal materials that are easily affected by insect pests or moisture, it is necessary to choose barrels with insect-proof and moisture-proof functions, and pay attention to the hygiene and dryness of the storage environment.

Volatile Herbs:

Some herbs may have volatile components, which may affect the internal environment of the barrel. Choose drums with proper airtight properties and make sure the inside of the drum is well ventilated to avoid build-up of noxious odors.

◆Material safety:

Ensure that the material of the barrel meets the safety standards of medical devices and food contact materials to avoid contamination of medicinal materials.

◆Cleaning and Disinfection: 

Regularly clean and disinfect the barrels to ensure the hygiene and quality of medicinal materials. Choose materials and designs that are easy to clean for regular maintenance.

◆Size and Capacity:

Different herbs may require different capacities and sizes. Make sure you choose a Medical traditional Chinese medicine barrel bucket that is the right size for storing the quantity of a particular herb.

◆Identification and Labeling:

For different medicinal materials, different identification and labeling may be required in order to properly identify and manage medicinal materials.

 Chinese medicine barrel

◆Regulations and Compliance:

Ensure that custom-made barrels meet relevant regulations and compliance requirements, especially in the field of medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

Introduce why the Medical traditional Chinese medicine barrels made by Ceeto are of high quality, and what are the outstanding advantages in technology?

① The material of the Medical traditional Chinese medicine barrel

The Medical traditional Chinese medicine barrel of the Ceeto is made of stainless steel material, stainless steel is a stable composition, extremely difficult to chemically react with other substances of high strength, acid and alkali resistant metal, with stainless steel  Medical traditional Chinese medicine barrel frying Chinese medicine will not react with the drug ingredients except the pot body.

② Medical traditional Chinese medicine barrel design

Before making stainless steel medical traditional medicine barrels, a reasonable design is required. The design process needs to consider the use, capacity, shape and other factors of the medical medicine barrel. Designers should determine the height, diameter, wall thickness and other parameters of the Chinese medicine barrel according to specific needs, and draw detailed engineering drawings.

③ Material processing

☞Sheet metal cutting: according to the design requirements, cut the stainless steel plate into the desired shape and size. There are two cutting methods: mechanical cutting and plasma cutting, the former is suitable for thinner plates and the latter is suitable for thicker plates.

☞Bending forming: the cut plate is bent and formed, according to the requirements in the engineering drawings, mechanical bending or hydraulic bending is used.

☞ Welding: The bent plate is welded to ensure that the overall structure of the barrel body is firm. Commonly used welding methods are TIG welding and MIG welding, and the weld should be firm and free of pores, cracks and other defects.

☞Surface treatment: After the welding is completed, surface treatment is required to improve the corrosion resistance and aesthetics of stainless steel medical medicine barrels. Common surface treatment methods are polishing, pickling, etc.

④Assembly and testing

☞Assembly: The welded plate is assembled, including the installation of welding joints, inlet and outlet valves and other components.

☞ Test: After assembly, strict tests are carried out, including pressure test, leak test, etc., to ensure the quality and safety of medical medicine barrels.

⑤ Quality control

During the production process of stainless steel Medical traditional Chinese medicine barrel , strict quality control is required. Including raw material inspection, process control, quality inspection of welded joints, etc. At the same time, traceability management is also carried out to ensure that the quality of each link can be traced.

⑥ Ending

The stainless steel Medical traditional Chinese medicine barrel of Ceeto manufacturing process, including material selection, tank design, material processing, assembly and testing, quality control, etc. Through reasonable production process and strict quality control, high-quality stainless Medical traditional Chinese medicine barrel can be made to meet the needs of different industries.

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