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Tunnel stainless steel Lighting Enclosure

The function of tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure

1.Provide necessary lighting for tunnels to make tunnel road brighter.

2.Improve drivers’ visibility and avoid safety accidents

3.Improve driving safety at night

tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure

The  features of tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure

The tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure has 3 advantages:

1. Strong corrosion resistance

Stainless steel is a kind of metal material with good corrosion resistance performance, which will not be oxidized or corroded because of a long time, so tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure can be used for a long time in a harsh environment.

2. Good high-temperature resistance

Tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure scan be used in high temperature. Therefore, tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure can adapt to the complex and changeable outdoor environment.

3. Strong durability

Tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure has features of material stability and hardness constraints, with a very high durability. Compared with other material, stainless steel is actually more advantageous.

The installationof tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure

tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure

The installation method of tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure: top suction type, boom type, seat type, wall hanging type and other installation methods, the operation is more convenient. To to the lighting needs of different work sites. Integrated design of lights and electrical box, strong overall reliability, low failure rate, use and maintenance is more safe and convenient.

 Hanging rod type

First of all, the installation of embedded lines and electrical boxes should be carried out. After installing lights according to the detailed design and construction scheme, the ceiling should be constructed to ensure the combination of tunnel lights and the ceiling, and then the fixed installation with bolts.

The top type

Set the junction box, clean the junction box and mark the junction box. The fixation of the tunnel lamp is to cut the lamp hole at the head top of the tunnel, and fix the tunnel lamp with the expansion bolt.

Wall mounting type

The installation of wall-hanging type tunnel lights is the same as installation of household wall hanging lights. In the early stage, the tunnel lamp is installed, and then the lights are fixed, which also requires an electrical box to be installed to provide power supply for the lights.

The seat type

Seat-type tunnel lamp installation method and the first two methods are similar, the first embedded line, lights installation, the use of bolt fixed. To be completely in accordance with the construction of the design drawing and the detailed scheme of the device.

How to maintain it regularly?

1.Period inspection

Regular inspection of tunnel lights is an important link to ensure its normal operation. If problems are found with the lights, they should be replaced or repaired in time.

2.Clean lights

The cleaning of the tunnel lights is also very important. Dust and dirt on the surface of the lamp can affect the brightness and the lighting effect, and even cause the failure of the lamp.

Design and application of a tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure

 Well-designed appearance

tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure not only has superior functionality, but also has a modern and simple appearance design. They incorporate the architectural style of the tunnel and add much color to the tunnel.

 Anti-glare design

The tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure are usually designed to reduce glare problems. This ensures that the driver is not affected by the harsh light when crossing the tunnel, reducing the incidence of safety accidents.

 Reliable installation method

 The installation of tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure is usually simple and reliable. They can be firmly fixed on the tunnel wall, not easy to be disturbed by external factors, not easy to fall off, to ensure its safety.

tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure

Do tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure need to be replaced frequently?

Stainless steel lighting enclosure is very durable, do not need to be replaced frequently, which saves resources.

Are tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosuresuitable for all types of tunnels?

 Tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure are suitable for all types of tunnels and can be customized to customer needs to meet diversified needs.

What factors should be considered when purchasing tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure?

1. Material quality: to ensure that the tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure is made of high quality stainless steel material, to ensure its corrosion resistance, weather resistance and durability, and to meet the special requirements of the tunnel environment. Fine craftsmen produce high quality products, with good corrosion resistance and durability, can be better suitable for tunnels.2

2.Light transmittance performance: ensure that the light enclosure has good light transmittance, can optimize the lighting effect, provide uniform and bright light, and ensure the safety of road users.

3.Design and size: The design and size of the light enclosure shall match the existing tunnel lighting fixtures to ensure stable installation without affecting the normal operation of the lights. The products produced by the fine craftsman can be customized according to the actual needs of customers, to ensure that the size of the light enclosure and the tunnel lights match, we have higher production quality requirements.

4.Compliance standards: confirm that tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure meet relevant safety and quality standards such as ISO and CE certification to ensure product quality and safety. The craftsman obtained ISO national quality certification to ensure product quality and safety.

5. Durability and ease of maintenance: Consider the durability and ease of maintenance of the light enclosure to reduce subsequent maintenance costs and workload. The tunnel lamp shell is made of 304 or 316 material, which is quite reliable and maintained.

6. Price and cost performance: compare the quotation and product quality of different suppliers, find the most cost-effective products, and ensure a reasonable procurement cost. The price is determined by the product specification process, according to your requirements to provide you with a quotation, the product is extremely cost-effective.

7. Manufacturer reputation: select good reputation and experienced manufacturers to ensure timely delivery and reliable after-sales service. The fine craftsman has excellent reputation, with rich manufacturing experience, with high production capacity, timely delivery ability.

8. Customization capability: If a special size or designed light enclosure is required, confirm that the manufacturer has the ability to customize the production. The master craftsman has a strong technical team, fully equipped with design and manufacturing capabilities, able to meet the special needs of customers.

9. After-sales service: understand the manufacturer’s after-sales service policy, so as to get timely support and solutions when problems are encountered during the use process.

What are processes when stainless steel deep drawing stamping industry produces of tunnel lighting tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure?

tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure

1. Design and planning: According to the customer needs and requirements, the manufacturer works with the design team to develop the design drawings and planning scheme of the light enclosure.

2.Material preparation: select the appropriate stainless steel material, usually use 304 or 316 stainless steel plate, to ensure that the material quality meets the requirements.

3.Production cutting: according to the production plan, arrange production, discharge material

4. Plate cutting: cut the stainless steel plate according to the design size to prepare the base material for making the light enclosure.

5.Deep stamping: use the deep stamping machine to press the cut stainless steel plate into the shape of the light enclosure, which is the key step in making the light enclosure.

6.punching and machining: according to the design needs, punching and machining the light enclosure to install lights and accessories.

7. Welding: Welds the stamped tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure to ensure that the structure is stable.

8.Surface treatment: the surface treatment of the welded light enclosure, such as polishing, sandblasting, etc., to make its appearance more beautiful.

9. Quality inspection: Conduct strict quality inspection to ensure that the tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure meets the design requirements and specifications.

10 Packaging and delivery: Finally, the finished tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure is packaged and delivered to the customer.

 Why choose China’s tunnel lamp tunnel stainless steel lighting enclosure manufacturer?

1. Rich experience and technology: China has rich experience and technology accumulation in manufacturing metal enclosures industry. With the increase of tunnel construction, Chinese manufacturers have made significant progress in the lighting field and have the ability to meet various challenges.

2. Cost advantage: China has lower production costs, which allows its manufacturers to offer competitive prices. This is an attractive factor for buyers both at home and abroad.

3. Mass production capacity: Chinese manufacturers usually have the capacity to produce mass production to meet large orders at home and abroad. This helps to shorten lead times and improve production efficiency.

4.Complete supply chain: China has a complete supply chain system, which can operate efficiently, from raw material procurement to production and processing, to product distribution.

5.Focus on quality and safety: Chinese manufacturers are paying more attention to the quality and safety of their products, making them more reliable and durable through compliance with international standards and certification.

6.Flexible customization capabilities: Chinese manufacturers are usually able to provide customized products and solutions according to customer needs to meet the special requirements of different projects.

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