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Stainless Steel Dental Autoclave Sterilizer is desk-top autoclave sterilizer which is designed for the hospital, clinic, lab, etc. It’s mostly suitable for sterilizing of surgical, dental instruments, glassware, culture medium and biological dressing, food and goods, etc.

Stainless Steel Dental Autoclave Sterilizer Technical Specifications:

Stainless Steel Dental Autoclave Sterilizer Stamping Mould Processing:

Radial Drill: 6 PCS
Sawing machine: 2 PCS
Griding machine: 5 PCS
Milling machine: 4 PCS
Bending drill: 5 PCS
Lathe: 2PCS
Tapping center: 1 PCS
Plate shears: 2 PCS
Punch: 3 PCS
Hydraulic machine: 10 PCS

Blanking stainless steel metal sheet in a certain shape as per product dimension, then drawing the stainless steel metal sheet to the requested shape, annealing process must be applied during this process, then sizing die must be used to keep it in good shape, shearing stainless steel dental autoclave sterilizer product, punching holes requested on the drawings and welding process is also used, the last procudure is doing surface treatment for stainless steel dental autoclave sterilizer product. Surface treatment is including polishing processing and electrolytic process etc. as per your technical requirements.


A: Yes, we welcome you to order customized Stainless Steel Dental Autoclave Sterilizer, please send us with your drawings ( 2D or 3D ).

A: As per initial quotation discussed whether by FOB incoterms or CIF incoterms, by air or by sea according to your requirements.

A: Normally 2 years is our warranty, if you request more, we may discuss it together.

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