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Electric stove supplier tell you how to use the electric stove specific

Electric deep fryer steps are as follows- electric stove supplier-Ceeto

  1. Place the electric furnace on a stable platform and ensure that there are no flammable materials around.
  2. Open the lid of the electric frying oven and place the frying basket in the frying oven.
  3. Add the appropriate amount of ingredients, such as French fries, chicken wings, etc. to the frying basket as needed.
  4. Close the lid of the electric oven, and set the appropriate temperature and time according to the requirements of the ingredients.
  5. After the food is fried, open the lid of the electric fried oven and carefully remove the fried food.
  6. Turn off the power of the electric furnace, and wait for it to cool down for cleaning and storage.


  • When using electric fryers, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and pay attention to safe operation.
  • When frying ingredients, pay attention to control the oil temperature to avoid excessive frying of food.
  • When using the electric stove, pay attention to prevent oil from splashing out, so as not to cause burns or fire.

The advantages of frying filter: It can filter food residue, it can easily pick up the food and observe the maturity, and it can filter the oil of the food.

What are the advantages of electric boiler supplier with faucets:

  1. Easy to clean: the faucet can help clean the inside of the furnace, reduce the residue of oil stains, and facilitate cleaning and maintenance.
  2. Save oil costs: the faucet can help control the oil temperature, make the fried food more evenly, reduce the amount of oil used, and save oil costs.
  3. Rapid heating: the faucet can speed up the heating speed of the frying oven, so that the food is fried faster and improve work efficiency.
  4. Prevent oil spatter: The faucet can help reduce oil spatter when the oil temperature is too high and protect the safety of the user.

In general, electric fryers with faucets are more convenient, safe and efficient in the cooking process.

Why choose Ceeto electric stove supplier to make electric fryers in bulk

  1. Price concessions: Factory direct sales usually provide more favorable prices, because they eliminate the profits of middlemen.
  2. Quality assurance: Factory direct sales products usually have more stringent quality control to ensure product quality and performance.
  3. Customized services: Some factories can provide customized services to produce according to customer needs and meet individual needs.
  4. After-sales service: The factory usually provides more perfect after-sales service to protect the rights and interests of customers.
  5. High transparency: Through direct communication and purchase with the factory, you can more clearly understand the production process and raw material sources of the product, and increase the trust of the purchase.

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