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How to use stainless steel rollaway bed? Sofa and bed in one.

How to use stainless steel rollaway bed?

  1. Unroll the stainless steel rollaway bed: Unroll the rollaway bed, adjust the bed legs to the appropriate height, and ensure that the bed board is stable.
  2. Folding into a sofa: Fold the bed board and adjust the bed legs to the right height to ensure that the sofa seat is comfortable.
  3. Conversion mode: The bed can be converted into a sofa at any time, or the sofa can be converted into a bed.
  4. Cleaning and maintenance: clean the bed and sofa regularly, keep it clean, and pay attention to prevent scratches on the stainless steel surface.
Stainless steel rollaway bed
Stainless steel folding sofa

Advantages of stainless steel rollaway bed:

  1. High space utilization: stainless steel rollaway bed and sofa are combined into one, which can be used as a sofa during the day and easily folded into a bed at night, saving space.
  2. Versatility: stainless steel rollaway bed and sofa are combined into one, which can provide a bed, and can also be used as a sofa for rest and entertainment.
  3. Strong durability: stainless steel material has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and long service life.
  4. Safe and comfortable: The folding bed is made of high-quality materials, which can provide stable support and comfortable sleep.

What are the applicable scenarios of stainless steel rollaway bed?

  1. Small apartment or dormitory: This product can save space, while providing the function of bed and sofa, suitable for small space living environment.
  2. Living room or living room: The use of this product in the living room or living room can make full use of the space, which can be used as a sofa for people to rest and entertainment, and can be used as a bed for guests to stay overnight.
  3. Guest room or hotel: This product can provide extra beds in the guest room or hotel to facilitate the guest’s accommodation needs.
  4. Office or studio: Setting up this product in the office or studio can provide a place for staff to rest and sleep, and improve work efficiency.
  5. Passenger vehicles: such as coach, camper or cabin, etc., this product can provide the function of bed and sofa in a limited space, so that passengers can get a comfortable rest during the journey.

In short, the stainless steel rollaway bed and sofa in one product is suitable for scenes and places that need to save space and provide versatility.

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