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How to make professional dental autoclave stainless steel  Chamber ?

The working principle of dental autoclave stainless steel chamber

The application range of dental autoclave stainless steel chamber is very wide, including medical, cosmetics and other fields. In the medical field, dental autoclave stainless steel chamber are widely used in the disinfection of surgical instruments, syringes and other medical devices. dental autoclave chamber is a high-temperature sterilization container, and high-temperature sterilization is a common disinfection method, the principle of which is to use high temperature to kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. The principle of high temperature sterilization is based on the growth and reproduction of microorganisms requiring a certain temperature and humidity, and high temperature can destroy the cell structure and metabolic process of microorganisms, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

What are the technical specifications for stainless steel dental autoclave?

  • High quality SUS304 stainless steel
  • Overpressure auto-discharging at 0.145-0.165Mpa
  • The highest working temperature: 126’c-129’c
  • Dual scale numerical pressure gage indicate temperature and pressure
  • Operating easy, security and reliable
  • Dual heating system of coal or gas and electric
  • Dimension of sterilizing chamber: dia280*h243/383mm

Are the manufactured dental autoclave stainless steel chamber  matched with different models of autoclaves?

stainless steel chamber

Jingjiang’s dental autoclave stainless steel chamber can be designed to be compatible with a wide range of chamber models such as 12L, 14L, 18L, 23L, 25L, 36L and so on. We understand importance of seamlessly adapting to different systems, and our customization options allow us to meet a wide range of requirements.

How to order dental autoclave stainless steel chamber?

If you would like to order or further inquire about our dental autoclave stainless steel chamber, you can contact our dedicated sales team by phone or email. Our representatives will guide you through the process, answer any additional questions you may have, and help you place your order. Customers need to provide the material, size, drawings, etc. of the product in order to better manufacture the product.

What are the advantages of the dental autoclave stainless steel chamber of the Jingjiang?

The advantages of dental autoclave stainless steel chamber include excellent corrosion resistance 304 grade using stainless steel material sheet or 316 grade stainless steel material sheet according to different clients requirements, hygienic performance, durability, large heating area, high thermal efficiency, and easy control of heating temperature.

stainless steel chamber

Can you customize dental autoclave stainless steel chamber according to specific requirements?

We offer custom options for our dental autoclave stainless steel chamber. Our skilled engineers and technicians can tailor a manufacturing process to meet your unique specifications, including shape, size, and design. We work closely with our customers to ensure that their vision translates into the final product.

When stainless steel drawing manufacturers use to manufacture  dental autoclave stainless steel chamber, some common machines and equipments may be used:

1. Laser cutting machine: used to cut stainless steel plate, according to the design requirements to get the required size and shape.

2. Deep drawing and drawing press: used to draw and stamp stainless steel plate, and gradually form the shape of the hot water tank through the pressure of the mold.

3. CNC punching machine: used for operations such as punching and forming on stainless steel plates to make specific parts and structures of hot water tanks.

4. Bending machine: used to bend stainless steel plates to realize the edge curling or folding treatment of the dental autoclave stainless steel chamber.

5. Welding equipment: including TIG (tungsten argon arc welding) welding machine, MIG (metal inert gas welding) welding machine, etc., used to weld the joints of the dental autoclave stainless steel chamber to ensure tightness and strength.

6. Surface treatment equipment: including polishing machine, sandblasting machine and electroplating equipment, electrolysis equipment etc., used to treat the surface of the dental autoclave stainless steel chamber to improve the appearance quality and corrosion resistance.

7. Cleaning equipment: used to clean the dental autoclave stainless steel chamber, remove surface dirt and residue, and ensure the cleanliness and hygiene standards of the product.

Dental autoclave Stainless steel chamber drawing manufacture cost and quotation:

The cost and quotation are determined by product specifications and technical specification you provide, and you are provided with a quotation according to your requirements.

The process by which stainless steel drawing and drawing manufacturers to machine dental autoclave stainless steel chamber

1. Material preparation: choose the right stainless steel material, usually 304 or 316 stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance and mechanical strength.

2. Production and unloading: according to the production order plan, arrange the product to be put into production, arrange the order and unload.

3. Design and cutting: According to the design requirements of the dental autoclave stainless steel chamber, formulate corresponding product drawings. Then use cutting equipment such as laser cutting machine to cut the stainless steel plate according to the drawing size.

4. Mold making: According to product drawings, make deep drawing stamping dies that adapt to the shape of dental autoclave stainless steel chamber. The mold is usually composed of an upper mold and a lower die, and a cavity is formed between the upper and lower dies to complete the drawing and stamping of the stainless steel plate.

5. Deep drawing and drawing: cut stainless steel plate is placed on deep drawing molds, and the stainless steel plate is subjected to the pressure of the mold by the deep drawing and stamping mechanical equipment, and the shape of the dental autoclave stainless steel chamber is gradually formed. This process requires several deep drawing and stamping operations to be carried out gradually until the desired shape and size are obtained.

6. Forming and welding: After the deep drawing is completed, further forming and welding of the dental autoclave stainless steel chamber may be required. This includes crimping or hemming the edges and welding the seams of the autoclave to ensure tightness and strength.

stainless steel chamber

7. Surface treatment: After forming and welding, the surface of the dental autoclave stainless steel chamber needs to be treated to improve the appearance quality and corrosion resistance. Common surface treatments include polishing, sandblasting, or plating.

8. Cleaning and inspection: Clean dental autoclave chamber to remove surface dirt and residue, and carry out strict quality inspection. Inspection typically includes visual inspection, dimensional inspection, weld inspection, etc. to ensure that the autoclave meets design requirements and quality standards.

9. Packing and ex-factory: The dental autoclave stainless steel chamber that has passed the inspection will be properly packed to prevent damage during transportation and storage. It is then sent to its destination, ready for factory delivery to the customer.

Why choose a Chinese autoclave manufacturer instead of any other countries?

Large-scale production capacity: China is one of the world’s largest manufacturing countries, with strong production capacity and supply chain system. Dental autoclave stainless steel chamber manufacturers in China are usually able to reduce costs by mass production and can meet the needs of different markets.

Technological level and innovation ability: China’s manufacturing industry has been continuously improved in terms of technology level and innovation ability. Many Chinese dental autoclave stainless steel chamber manufacturers are committed to developing and applying new technologies to improve product quality and functionality. They are able to provide products with advanced technology to meet the needs of different users.

Price competitiveness: China’s manufacturing industry is known for its relatively low labor costs. This allows manufacturers of dental autoclave stainless steel chamber in China to offer competitive prices that are more attractive than manufacturers in other countries.

Rich experience and expertise: Chinese dental autoclave stainless steel chamber manufacturers have rich experience and expertise in production and sales. They have a deep understanding of market needs and can provide customized product solutions according to the needs of different regions and users.

Flexible production capacity: Manufacturers in China usually have flexible production capacity and are able to customize production according to customer needs. They are able to offer autoclave drums of different capacities, sizes and functions to meet a variety of places and needs.

As a dental autoclave chamber buyer, what are the factors to consider when choosing a stainless steel drawing and drawing manufacturer?

1. Quality and reliability: a manufacturer with a good reputation and reliable quality. Whether the product meets international quality standards and whether it has relevant certifications and qualifications. Jingjiang’s products meet international quality standards and we are certified.

2. Technical strength: I will evaluate the manufacturer’s technical ability and innovation ability. This includes the availability of advanced production equipment and process technology, as well as the ability to provide customized solutions.

3. Cost effectiveness: Price is one of the important considerations in purchasing decisions. Compare with different manufacturers to find suppliers at reasonable prices while ensuring that product quality is not compromised. The customized price of the Jingjiang is approved according to the product production requirements provided by the customer, ensuring the best price and the best product to the customer

4. Delivery capacity: timely delivery is very important to meet customer needs. Manufacturer’s production capacity and lead time to ensure on-time delivery of orders. The Jingjiang’s production capacity and delivery ability are undoubted, and the goods can be delivered at the time requested by the customer.

5. After-sales service: Good after-sales service can provide additional value and support. Examine the manufacturer’s after-sales service policy, including aspects such as repair, warranty and technical support. Jingjiang has a strong after-sales service team, with superb technology and maintenance capabilities, we are your best choice.

6.Reference and word of mouth: I will collect customer reviews and word of mouth information about manufacturers as much as possible to understand their credibility and customer satisfaction, Some positive screenshots can be provided, review the positive reputation of merchants.

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