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Garage Shutter Bring Convenience To Life

The basic introduction about rolling gate

A garage shutter is a type of door mounted above the opening of a door, which can be rolled up or pulled down by a scroll to close the door. It is usually made of metal or plastic materials, can be used in commercial, industrial and residential buildings, with anti-theft, fire, wind, heat preservation and other functions. The rolling gate can be operated automatically or manually according to the needs, and is widely used in garages, stores, warehouses, parking lots and other places.

Aluminum alloy garage shutter

Working principle and steps of garage shutter

Rolling gate is a category that folds or unfolds the door body through a scroll, and its working principle mainly includes the following steps:

  1. Motor drive: the rolling gate is usually driven by the motor, and the scroll of the door body is driven by the rotation of the motor.
  2. Reel retracting: When the motor starts, the reel begins to shrink or expand, so that the door body moves up or down.
  3. Guide rail guidance: the door body moves up and down the guide rail under the guidance of the scroll to ensure the smooth operation of the door body.
  4. Control system: The operation of opening, closing and stopping of the rolling gate can be realized through the control system, which can usually be controlled by remote control, key switch or sensor.

In general, the rolling gate through the motor drive reel to achieve the opening and closing of the door body, with simple structure, easy to use, occupy less space and other advantages, widely used in commercial buildings, residential communities, garages and other places.

The types of garage shutter

  1. Manual rolling gate: manual operation of the scroll is required to open or close the rolling gate of the door body.
  2. Electric rolling gate: The rolling gate of the door body can be remotely controlled to open or close through the motor drive.
  3. Fire shutter: with fire performance, can effectively isolate the fire when the fire occurs.
  4. Anti-theft rolling gate: It has high anti-theft performance and can effectively protect indoor property safety.
  5. Sound insulation shutter: with sound insulation effect, can effectively isolate indoor and outdoor noise.
  6. Storm shutter: with storm resistance, suitable for use in severe weather environment such as typhoons.

Shutter material and scope of application

The material of the garage shutter usually includes aluminum alloy, steel and other materials, which has the characteristics of durability, anti-theft and fire prevention. According to different materials and treatment methods, the scope of application of the rolling gate is also different.

  1. Aluminum alloy shutter: light, beautiful, not easy to rust, suitable for families, shops, office buildings and other places.
  2. Steel rolling gate: strong and durable, with good anti-theft and fire performance, suitable for warehouses, factories, parking lots and other places requiring high security.
  3. Stainless steel shutter: corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, suitable for kitchens, hospitals, laboratories and other places that need a hygienic environment.
  4. Fire shutter: made of special fireproof materials, with good fire performance, suitable for places requiring fire isolation, such as shopping malls, restaurants, etc.

In general, the material and scope of application of the rolling gate depends on the specific use needs and environmental requirements, and the selection of the appropriate material can ensure the use of the rolling gate effect and safety.

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