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Deep Drawn Stamping Capabilities

Deep draw stamping also refers to deep drawn stainless steel, deep draw metal stamping, deep drawing manufacturing and metal deep drawn. Ceeto is a chinese professional metal deep drawn manufacturer in deep drawn stamping fabrication industry. We provide the custom steel stamps for metal service, manufactures deep-drawn stamping products.

Ceeto Metal, foundation was in year 2011 as IS09001:2015 qualified metal forming manufacturer. Ceeto Metal provide you with high level deep drawn manufacturing service and metal stamping service referring to many industries. we offer a wide range of deep draw capabilities to produce highly customized, cost-effective metal parts for clients across all types of industries. With an eye on innovation and environmental stewardship, we are particularly proud to offer deep draw processes that produce far less material waste than most other machined parts methods.

Processing Customization

Purchasing Order Received

Tooling Feasibility and Design

Raw Material Purchasing

Deep Drawing


Project Follow Up

Quality Control

Burrs Removing

Surface Finishing

Clean for Packing

Packing and Shipping

Custom Service

1. Creating parts with high depth-to-diameter ratios.

2. Producing parts with consistent wall thickness.

3. Forming complex shapes with tight tolerances.

4. Using a variety of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, and brass.

5. Accommodating both low and high volume production runs.

6. Providing cost-effective solutions for manufacturing complex parts.

Tool Room Metalworking Machinery

Ceeto Metal is equipped with a wide range of high level machining equipments such as 3 laser cutting machines, 6 bending machines, 8 punching machines, 2 laser welding machines,15 CNC milling machines and 10 deep drawing press machines for mass production. We are capable of deeping drawing height up to 650mm of barrel products.

Equipped with a wide range of top-quality machinery, our tool room allows the team at Ceeto to provide reliable services that support our deep-drawn metal forming processes. Some of our tool room equipment includes:

CNC mills and lathes up to 30″ swing

Bridgeport milling machines

Wire EDM (electrical discharge machines)

Wire, sinker, and hole puncher

Surface grinders

Modification Capabilities

Surface Finishing Service

We may provide you with high quality surface finishing as follows:

Mirror Polishing


Satin Finishing



Sand Balsting

Surface Finishing Service


We have experience working with a range of materials, including:


Stainless steel

Cold-rolled steel




Nickel silver

Cupro nickel

HY-MU 80





Deep Drawn Stamping Capabilities
Deep Drawn Stamping Capabilities

Our experts consider factors such as tensile strength, ductility, weldability, and machinability to determine which material will produce the best results while meeting customer specifications.


Principles For Determining of Blanks Shape and Size


Deep Drawing Process - Tensile Cracking


Concept and Classification of Deep Drawing


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