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How to make good Cake baking mold ?

As ovens gradually enter the kitchens of general consumers, A series of cake baking mold and other professional food placement containers have also become daily necessities needed by thousands of households.

cake baking mold

The preparation process of the baking mold includes the following steps

Cake baking mold

(1) Making cake baking mold:

(2) Sand cake baking molding:

Use sand around the mold to create a sand mold, remove the mold, and obtain the sand mold for later use;

(3) metal melting:

Heat the smelting furnace to 200-300 ℃, add iron blocks, heat to 1480-1520 ℃, introduce nitrogen into the furnace, add refining agents, and keep it warm for 20-30 minutes. After removing dross, obtain a metal solution for backup;

(4) cake baking mold pouring:

Pour the molten metal into the sand mold, with a pouring temperature of 1400-1450 ℃ and a pouring time of 20-30 seconds. After natural cooling, clean the surface of the baking tray, cut off the gate, riser, scrape off burrs and seams, and clean the residual sand to obtain the baking tray;

(5) cake baking mold polishing treatment:

The obtained baking tray is chemically polished with polishing solution, washed with water, and dried to obtain the final baking tray product.

Cake baking mold

Development Prospects of cake Baking Mold

The technical level and product quality of China’s baking tray industry are also constantly improving. With the advancement of technology, the performance of products in the baking tray industry is also constantly improving. At the same time, enterprises are actively investing in research and development, launching various new products to meet consumers’ requirements for product functionality and quality.

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