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How to use best gravity based water purifier?

The first step of using best gravity based water purifier

Prepare materials: a large container (such as a plastic bucket), a small container (such as a plastic cup), a transparent plastic tube, a filter, a piece of activated carbon, a piece of sand and stone.

The second step of using best gravity based water purifier

Drill a small hole in the bottom of the large container, insert a clear plastic tube into it, and secure it with glue.

The third step of using best gravity based water purifier

Place the filter on the bottom of the large container to prevent sand and activated carbon from entering the transparent plastic tube.

The fourth step of using best gravity based water purifier

Place activated carbon above the filter screen for adsorption of impurities and odors in water.

The fifth step of using best gravity based water purifier

Place sand above activated carbon to filter suspended particles and precipitates in water.

The sixth step of using best gravity based water purifier

Place the small container on top of the large container as a container for storing clean water.

The seventh step of using best gravity based water purifier

Pour the water in the large container into a clear plastic tube, and then by gravity, the water will flow from the clear plastic tube through the filter, activated carbon and sand, and eventually into the small container.

The eighth step of using best gravity based water purifier

Wait for a period of time, the water will slowly filter and purify, you can adjust the filtration time as needed.

The ninth step of gravity based water purifier

When the clean water in the small container reaches the required amount, take out the small container and use it. It should be noted that the gravity water purifier is only suitable for filtering suspended particles, precipitates and some impurities, and the filtration effect is poor for soluble substances and microorganisms. Therefore, when using gravity water purifier to filter water source, it is necessary to disinfect according to the actual situation.

What are the benefits of using a gravity water purifier?

Convenient and easy to use: Gravity water purifier does not need to use electricity or other external energy, just put the water into the container, through the gravity can achieve filtration and purification of water. This makes gravity water purifiers ideal for use in areas without electricity supply, such as camping, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Economical and affordable: compared with other water purification equipment, the price of gravity water purifier is relatively low, and there is no extra cost to maintain and replace the filter element. This makes gravity water purifiers an affordable option, especially suitable for areas with limited economic conditions.

High-efficiency filtration: Gravity water purifiers usually use multi-layer filter elements, which can effectively remove impurities, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and other harmful substances in water, and provide clean and safe drinking water. Some gravity water purifiers are also equipped with activated carbon filters to remove odors and residual chlorine and improve the taste of the water.

Environmentally sustainable: the use of gravity water purifier can reduce the need for single-use plastic bottled water, thereby reducing the generation of plastic waste and being more environmentally friendly. At the same time, the filter element of the gravity water purifier can usually be used for a long time, reducing the frequency of filter replacement and reducing resource consumption.

Wide range of application: gravity water purifier is suitable for all kinds of water sources, including tap water, well water, river water, etc. They can be used to provide safe drinking water during outdoor activities or as a backup emergency water purification unit in the home.

In general, gravity water purifier has the advantages of convenience, ease of use, economic benefits, efficient filtration, environmental protection and sustainability, which is an ideal choice for water purification.

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(Stainless steel double barrel + lid + general stainless steel dragon head +BB9-2 carbon rod filter + blackColor non-slip pad)

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