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Automotive fuel tank manufacturing process

Automotive fuel tank

1. Automobile fuel tanks can be divided into metal fuel tanks (the main process is seam welding) and plastic fuel tanks (the process is blow molding) according to the manufacturing materials .

Metal fuel tank assembly structure : the fuel tank vehicle assembly is located at the rear end of the chassis , the basic function of the fuel system is to supply a certain amount of clean, well-atomized fuel to the engine according to the needs of the engine operating conditions , so as to form a combustible mixture with a certain amount of air to ensure that the vehicle has a designed cruising range . The main components involved are fuel tank (storage fuel) , oil pump (to boost fuel) , oil pipeline , carbon tank (adsorbing fuel vapor and desorbing to solenoid valve) , fuel injection pipe (fuel filling pipeline) , fuel filter (filtering impurities and moisture in fuel) , etc. ; Automobile metal fuel tank assembly is generally composed of oil pump , oil pipeline , oil return pipe , adsorption pipe , pipe clamp , rollover valve , check valve, oil inlet pipe , ventilation pipe , upper and lower shell , reinforcement plate and other components through welding , assembly and other processes to form a fuel tank assembly , supplied to the main engine factory .

2. Process of metal fuel tank

a. Raw material purchase inspection , the current steel plate of the oil tank is a cold-rolled steel plate with a thickness of 1.25mm , which requires a smooth appearance and no rust .

b. Cutting is carried out according to the size requirements of the fuel tank for cutting , punching , flanging and forming .(The manufacturing process of the upper and lower covers of automobile fuel tanks is a metal deep drawing process.)

c. The fuel tank body is galvanized .

d. Spot welding separator , etc. , seam welding upper and lower boxes , requiring seam welding edge shaping to ensure the smoothness of the seam welding position.

e. Assemble oil drain bolt , sensor , safety valve , suction return oil pipe .

f. Paint after cleaning the outer surface of the oil tank .

g. Water inspection , required to be in water not less than 22KPa , depth not more than 100mm , keep 30S no leakage (online inspection).

It can be seen from the appeal production process that the metal tank in the process is mainly stamping and welding . These two are the core of metal tank production , and the experiment (water test , also known as the air tightness test) is the first acceptance experiment to verify the preliminary verification of stamping and welding . Only if each fuel tank has passed the air tightness test can it be sent off the assembly line to the final assembly plant of the car for assembly .

3. Process of plastic fuel tank

The tubular plastic fuel blank obtained by extrusion of thermoplastic resin is placed in the split mold while it is hot (or heated to a softened state) , and compressed air is introduced into the blank immediately after the mold is closed , so that the material type is bad and inflated and clings to the inner wall of the mold , and after cooling and demolding , a variety of hollow products are obtained , and the extrusion blow molding process consists of 5 steps : a. plastic embryo (extrusion of hollow plastic tube) ; b. Close the flap clamping mold on the embryo , clamp the mold and cut off the embryo ; c. Blow the embryo into the cold wall of the mold cavity , adjust the opening and maintain a certain pressure during cooling ; d. Open the mold and remove the blown parts ; e. Trim the flashing to get the finished product .

With the implementation of the new standard for automobile fuel economy , the improvement of automobile lightweight and environmental protection requirements will become the focus of future automotive technology development . Under the continuous in-depth research of the fuel system , the improvement of manufacturing level and the improvement of domestic oil products in the automotive industry will greatly improve the fuel economy of automobiles and reduce the air pollution caused by automobile emissions .

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