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Best 304 stainless steel milk can

Ceeto manufactures and offers a range of 304 stainless steel milk cans in various sizes, including 20L, 24L, 30L, 40L, 50L,60L and more. These milk cans are crafted from high-quality stainless steel materials like SUS304 and SUS316, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and dependable quality. We warmly welcome your purchase and invite you to explore our selection.

Deepdrawing provides the customization service for 304 stainless steel milk cans with various specifications.

Deepdrawing stainless steel milk cans
Deepdrawing 304 stainless steel milk can

Uses of 304 stainless steel milk can

304 stainless steel milk can serve as essential equipment for small-scale milk collection and storage, finding widespread use in dairy farms and processing facilities for milk transportation. They play an indispensable role in facilitating milk storage and turnover within the dairy industry. Additionally, our versatile 304 stainless steel milk can have diverse applications across various sectors, including food, pharmaceuticals, brewing, and more, serving as reliable storage containers.

We are a reputable manufacturer specializing in stainless steel barrels, sealed containers, and various stainless steel products designed for cleanroom environments. Our products benefit from advanced manufacturing processes, including proficient pressing and stretching techniques, precise welding methods, and meticulous surface polishing, all achieved through automated production. With an annual production capacity exceeding 100,000 stainless steel barrels, we offer sanitary-grade 304 and 316 stainless steel sealed containers widely employed in biomedicine, daily chemical production, medical device manufacturing, logistics packaging, and other industries.

Our products have gained the trust and preference of both domestic and international customers, with a substantial presence in European and American export markets.

Process of 304 Stainless steel milk can

304 stainless steel milk can is a type of equipment widely used in the dairy industry. Its manufacturing process and principle are essential to guarantee the hygiene and quality of dairy products. This article will introduce the process principle of stainless steel milk barrel in detail.

1. 304 stainless steel material selection

304 stainless steel milk cans are usually made of high-quality stainless steel materials, which is to ensure that 304 stainless steel milk can have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance and so on. The choice of stainless steel should be selected according to the use environment and the characteristics of dairy products.

2. 304 stainless steel milk can making

The production of 304 stainless steel milk can requires multiple processes to ensure the quality of the equipment. First, mold design is required, and then the stainless steel material is cut, bent and other processing, and finally welding, grinding and other process steps.

3. Milk bucket welding process

The welding process is the core link of 304 stainless steel milk can production. Because the quality of welding directly affects the milk hygiene and equipment service life. Commonly used welding methods are TIG, MIG, PLASMA, etc., which usually need to be selected in combination with specific equipment and operating environment

4. Surface treatment

In order to achieve hygienic standards and aesthetic results, surface treatment is required after the stainless steel milk cans is made. Common surface treatments are polishing and electrochemical polishing. Polishing can improve the smoothness and reflectivity of the stainless steel surface, making it look more beautiful. Electrochemical polishing, on the other hand, can further improve the quality of the surface and meet hygienic standards.

5. Device detection

After the production is completed, equipment inspection is required. This step is to ensure that the equipment is always sealed, leak-free, odor-free, etc. And a stress test is carried out to ensure that the equipment is used within the normal working pressure range.

6. Equipment maintenance

Equipment maintenance is an important part of the 304 stainless steel milk can process and a necessary part of the work. Maintenance should pay attention to the cleaning and disinfection of the equipment, and regular maintenance can ensure the service life and hygienic performance of 304 stainless steel milk can.

About Deepdrawing- customizing 304 stainless steel milk bucket

Ningbo Ceeto Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a reputable manufacturer specializing in Deep Drawn Stamping fabrication. Our commitment lies in the creation and customization of various stainless steel products to meet our clients’ unique needs.

jingjiang 304 stainless steel milk can

For businesses seeking tailored stainless steel deep-drawn stamping solutions, look no further than Ceeto Enterprise Development Limited. We offer comprehensive expertise to fulfill your specific requirements.

Furthermore, we excel in crafting top-notch stainless steel items across diverse sectors, including kitchenware, sanitary ware, energy-efficient mobile toilet fittings, tunnel traffic facilities, and non-standard customizations.

Below is our customers which has a long cooperation relationship with us.

304 stainless steel milk can

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