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10 factors of customizing hospital sink

Designing and customizing hospital sink is a critical aspect of healthcare facility planning, one that demands meticulous attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the unique needs of medical settings. When it comes to outfitting a hospital with sinks that promote hygiene, functionality, and safety, there are ten key factors that must be carefully considered. These factors, ranging from infection control to accessibility, form the foundation of a well-designed hospital sink system. In this exploration, we will delve into each of these factors to shed light on the essential elements that go into customizing hospital sink for the best possible patient care and staff efficiency. And DO YOU KNOW WHAT FACTORS SHOULD YOU CONSIDER WHEN YOU CUSTOMIZE HOSPITAL SINK?

Health and safety for hospital sink

Hygiene is the primary consideration in the design of hospital sink. Make sure the hospital sink is easy to clean, antibacterial, and does not become a breeding ground for bacteria. 

In addition, given the safety of the hospital environment, it is also important to prevent water from splashing and reduce the risk of falling. 


The hospital sink needs to withstand long-term and frequent use. Therefore, strong and durable materials, such as stainless steel, should be selected in the design to ensure that the sink has a long life. 

customizing hospital sink

Comply with hygiene standards:

Ensure that the design of the hospital sink complies with hygiene standards and regulations. This includes compliance with sanitary requirements for medical facilities, accessibility requirements, and national or regional building codes.

Appropriate size for customizing hospital sink

Take into account the use of the hospital, determine the size of the hospital sink. 

It should be large enough to accommodate multiple health care workers at the same time and to ensure adequate operating space. 

Accessories and functions for hospital sink

According to the needs of the hospital, select the appropriate accessories and functions. This can include hand sanitizer dispenser, paper towel rack, garbage can, etc., in order to improve the practicability of the hospital sink.

Water sources and drainage

Ensure that the design of the sink includes appropriate water sources and drainage systems to ensure that the water is smooth, clean and meets sanitary requirements. 

customizing hospital sink

Anti-splash design of hospital sink

Design anti-spatter measures to prevent water from splashing out of the sink area. This can include splash-proof walls or appropriate screens. 

Easy to maintain

Take into account long-term maintenance, and ensure that the design of the hospital sink is easy to maintain . Easy disassembly, replacement of parts, or maintenance will help reduce downtime. 

In line with the workflow

Understand the workflow of the hospital and ensure that the location and layout of the sink match the needs of the hospital so that medical staff can easily use it. 


Consider the sustainability of the hospital sink. Select environmentally friendly materials and water-saving designs to reduce resource consumption and operating costs.

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